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About this site

Epitaxy.net is a knowledge database and information portal for the epitaxy community. The site is currently being updated. You can follow a link to the old site here. Thank you for your patience during this transition.

What is Epitaxy?

Epitaxy is the deposition of a crystalline layer (termed an "epilayer") on a crystalline substrate. Whilst diamonds, rubies and emeralds are indeed crystalline crystals, the crystalline substrates used in epitaxy are typically silicon, gallium arsenside and indium phosphide. Epitaxy is used to create a sequence of layers that (once electrically contacted) form the basis of a number of modern devices including LEDs, lasers and solar cells.  

History of Epitaxy.net

Epitaxy.net was created by Oliver Dier as a epitaxy knowledge database and information portal in 2005. At the heart of the website is a map that lists all the epitaxy facilities and systems that are known to exist (at least to us). The accuracy of the data relies, in part, in the information provided by epitaxy users. In 2007 the site was no longer updated, however the legacy of data still received a large volume of weekly viewings. Now in 2014 the site is under the auspices of Faebian Bastiman and is getting an update and a face lift. You can contact him via the email: service@epitaxy.net